Thursday, February 5, 2009

Economical 'Couture' invitations....we're working on it!

Style tends to come at a price. (At least thats what my husbands whines when I return from a brisk days shopping)

It's the same with materials for many vendors, do we compromise on our artistic integrity to make a product that will 'sell'?
I cannot design a collection that will have a whiff of 'cheap' about it, but there is always a little compromise, otherwise my invitations would be $200 each!
This is also an especially tough compromise for anyone planning a wedding or event, flowers, the dinner menu, drinks, shoes, etc. There are so many options available for weddings, some cost the earth, others are suspiciously cheap. I've had two brides who came to me at the last minute for invitations, after ordering them and finding the stock was thin, warped or a nasty color. This is an expensive mistake to make.

I always recommend communicating heavily with the vendor you are going to use before ordering, ask questions, do your homework. If samples are available, ask for them.
Research them, see if they have any press (magazines do their homework, as do great bridal resource sites such as

I am thrilled to finally have put together three designs from my Couture collection that don't compromise quality or style, and are a more affordable option. The Lydia Collection, The Margrit Collection and The Serena Collection, starting at $22.50 per piece.

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