Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas wish list...

So christmas is fast approaching, and I've got to post some of the most fabulous finds of 2008 that I have come across.... I HAVE been a good girl, Santa!

This leather journal is classic! everyone should have one for those thoughtful, inspiring days where you just have to write. (even if you end up drawing little doodles because you can't think of anything to write...) see their wares on Etsy - MJADesigns. only $35!
I am SO in love with this cuff. Stunning.
Etsy - moxieandoliver or (all of their designs are amazing.)

I know, another Etsy keeper! but so unique, and more 'Anthropologie'-ish than the store!
Etsy - mnemosynedesigns.

Alrighty, my commerical vein kicked in here and I snuck in this cute vest from 'Heritage'.
For around $25 I cannot deny it.

I love it. I love it. I really want it.
Etsy - moxieandoliver or

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