Monday, July 7, 2008

Launch of our British Nickelsons!

We are so excited - is up and running!
We are super-duper proud to have a base in the UK, (officially) starting in October, and will be offering all of our designs to European brides (makes it much easier for deadlines, shipping costs, etc,when we are a bit closer to our customers).
We've worked sucessfuly with many British clients from our California based studio, so we are excited to have a base in Exeter, South West England.

I am especially excited to offer our couture designs with the buckles and brooches, silk boxes, etc to our European customers, and I am hoping to spread the love for 'letterpress' designs in the UK! We will be launching some unique, vintage inspired designs in the popular range this fall, so please check back with us.
Our Nickelsons in the US will remain exactly the same, don't worry!

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